AFTER NEARLY A YEAR-LONG HIATUS, and a new name, I’m working my way back down my blogging-path. Pray that I will find the time, the energy, the ideas, the words, and especially the discipline to do a better job of writing, regularly and in a way that interests a growing number of you, increases my ability to communicate effectively, glorifies the One True and Living God, and advances the Kingdom of His Christ.

(Thanks to George Frideric Handel for that last phrase!)

One of the things that I intend to do, and soon, is to rework the “Pillar Posts” from my former blog, which included “Lesson Number One, along my blogging way.”

This would definitely constitute Lesson Number Two, along my blogging-way: When expriencing a major break in blogging — if one MUST experience a major break in blogging, then get back to it immediately! Otherwise, I may just wake up one morning and find that a year has past since my last post, and I’m essentially starting all over — new name and all.

Here’s the story, in brief. During the first week of February 2010, I left frigid Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,  to attend the Desiring God Conference for Pastors in [almost] equally frigid Minneapolis, Minnesota, USofA. Up to that point and guided by my Tanto-techo-advisor-he-has-all-the-brains-and-does-most-of-the-work-while-I-get-[all?]-of-the-glory-guy, Dan McRuer, I had been buidling up the blog and generating some interest and a small but enthusiastic following. (BTW, check out Dan’s website at

So, we were beginning well, making some progress, learning some lessons, having some fun, and thinking some thoughts out-loud …

THEN NOTHING, literally, as in …

     “What happened to Wilcoxson? Abducted by aliens? Overcome by the stark-and-stunning reality that no one will EVER read his stuff? Finally found out and thrown in jail for stealing that 45 of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ “I love rock and roll!” from that little hardware and sudries store in North Manchester, Indiana, when he was dropping out of college (the first time) back in ’81?”

First things first: I apologize to you, my [former?] readers, for dropping out on you, as well as to the owner of that little hardware and sundries store in North Manchester, Indiana, for stealing your stuff ….

Aren’t you thankful for the Biblical truth that Jesus’s blood covers it all, or His blood doesn’t cover it at all? (Me, too — believe me! And for the legalists in the crowd … yes, I repented and asked for forgiveness, specifically for stealing that record … also the Snickers bar from the A&P after track practice, when I was in the 8th-grade at Crestview Junior High School in Huntington, Indiana, in 1976.)

Back to the blog.

Over the next while, I’ll be getting back to writing and thinking out-loud — hopefully in such a way as to fulfill the aforementioned objectives. For those who value regularity, I hope to post something most days, Tuesday-Friday, and at other times intermittently.

And as I already mentioned, I’ll be updating, improving, and building upon pillar posts from my former blog (, and bringing them into the current context (

Finally, I’ll endeavor to explain in some detail why I’ve selected the title ”Not An Idle Word” this time around. (For a really BIG HINT, see Deuteronomy 32:44-47 and Matthew 12:33-37.)

Blessings to you and yours!

Pastor Mark